BAPCO Annual Show 2019

Last week, I had the great pleasure of being in Coventry for the BAPCO annual show 2019. The show consisted of many different companies from around the country (and Finland) descending on the Ricoh Arena to talk with each other, attend panels, and get people interested in their company / product.

I was invited to attend alongside TapSOS, as they had a stall there to show off the finished app. A lot of attendees made their way to the stand over the course of the two days, and significant interest was shown in the product. Hopefully once it’s live, that interest turns into downloads!

The show was mostly focused on the control rooms in the emergency services, and how the introduction of new technologies or processes could make life easier for dispatchers, data analysts, or station managers.

During the show, I managed to speak with most of the companies there, and was impressed at the wide variety of problems that were being tackled, and solutions that were being created. I was particularly impressed by an all in one IoT and LTE network deployable that was being displayed by Klas Telecom.

The show was a fantastic opportunity to speak with a diverse range of companies, and to talk to them about Greenlord Studios and about the TapSOS product, and I am looking forward to next year’s show already.


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