Our 2018

Today is our last working day before we close our doors for the year, making it a perfect time to have a retrospective. This year feels like it has been a long year, and that may be because we have done so much and achieved so much this year. We are looking on the past year fondly, as we really have come a long way.

The projects we have worked on this year have ranged from the small to the massive, and have had us working on games, apps, websites, VR, AR, and more.  We even had Josh working on some industrial simulations at one point! It has been a busy year, full of exciting and varied projects. Here’s hoping that next year brings more of the same, and in greater numbers.

Some of the projects we’ve worked on this year. Mythos of Legend’s website, Black belt 1st Dan game, Make time 4 crafts website, and the TapSOS app


Other than work, we have been rather busy this year. We moved office (again), we had an intern over the summer, we had our website updated, we went to Amsterdam and to Brussels, we visited FOSDEM and EGX, we even started the process of hiring on a new developer. This year had us expanding our networks and our horizons, and I feel we’ve really grown as a company in the past 12 months. Looking into next year, I hope we continue to grow and mature as a company.

Our office move, our new website, pictures from events, and our intern


Overall, 2018 has been a resounding success for us. We continue to achieve things we didn’t think possible, and our goals are getting more and more ambitious as time goes on. Who knows where we will be in 12 months time, we might even all be millionaires by then. Hopefully, at the very least, we will have some new developers, be working on interesting projects, and our clients will be happy.

And to anyone reading this, we just want to say thank you, and happy holidays. Our updates and social media engagement have been erratic at best this year, and we do aim to fix that next year. For now, enjoy your holidays, and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Thanks, Greenlord Studios

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