What’s on at Greenlord: August

Projects starting, projects finishing.

August at Greenlord Studios

August is shaping up to be a month all about finishing projects, as well as some news and updates. Here is a run down of what we are up to this month.

Websites finished

We’ve been working on two websites for a while now, and they are finally at the stage to be made public. Both are just going through the final finishing touches with the clients, and once they are satisfied we will be putting them both live. When that happens, we’ll be posting about it on our twitter (@Greenlordstudio) and our facebook page, so stay tuned!

Agne leaving

Friday of this week will mark the last day Agne will be working with us. Agne has been a great help in these 10 weeks and has done some fantastic work for us, and has really fit in with the company. We wish her the best of luck heading to university in September.

New Website

We are getting a new website! Our current one has been around for a long time now, and was thrown together hastily by our programmers with no real design background. Now, we have contacted Foxbyte Studios to have them make us a new one. Foxbyte designed our business cards in the past, and we know they can give us a professional looking website. So, be on the lookout for our new website. Posts will go on social media when it’s live, too. The address shall stay the same, and all the blog posts will be there too.


That’s it for this update, make sure to check back soon for more information on how our projects are going and what we are up to.

Thanks, Liam

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