What’s on at Greenlord: May

The sun is out and it is so hot, send help


May at Greenlord Studios

It is May and it is glorious. We are fresh off a beautiful bank holiday weekend and are enjoying the sunshine. Apologies for not having an update last month, it was a very busy month for us and it slipped through the cracks. Here’s a run down of some of the stuff we are up to this month, and things to look forward to from us.


Website work nearly finished

We have been working on Make Time 4 Crafts and another website for a while now. Fortunately, they are both currently with their respective clients, awaiting some feedback. Once we have received some final design feedback and made the changes, both sites will be going live. We will make a post about them on Twitter and on Facebook when this happens, so keep an eye on them. (Bearing in mind, this may still be a few weeks, as both ourselves and the clients are currently very busy!)



TapSOS are a company based in Belfast that we have been working with for the past few weeks, on a very interesting app. Essentially, we are developing an app that will allow non-verbal people to be able to contact the emergency services. Initially, deaf people were the proposed user group for this app, but over time it has become apparent that this is an app that can benefit a wide range of people. We are super excited to be working on something that may prove to help lots of people, and TapSOS are absolutely fantastic to work with on this. If you are interested in this, follow them on twitter at @Tap_SOS (They also just won an award at the Belfast business awards!)


Apperception and GDPR

You may have heard about GDPR recently. GDPR means, among other things, that anyone can ask a business for a detailed report of their personal information that the business is storing.  This isn’t easily done, as some businesses will have hundreds of thousands of pieces of data. We are working with Apperception Limited to create a tool that will allow businesses to more easily query their databases, and to allow them to generate these reports more easily. We are working on the front end of an app, and we are also working in collaboration with Foxbyte Digital, as they are working on a website for the project. When that website is live and when the project is further along, we will be posting to Twitter and Facebook.


Expotees on the 16th and 17th

Expotees is this month! Hosted by Teesside University, Expotees showcases graduates. Spread over two days, they get a chance to talk about their projects and portfolios. As graduates ourselves, it’s always interesting to see what people are doing. Also, it is a fantastic opportunity for us as a business to scout talent. The people showing off their work will be on their way into the job market soon! We’re excited to see what everyone has on display, and to get a chance to talk to these developers. If you are interested, follow this link to book a ticket.

New talent

Part of the reason we are attending Expotees is we are looking to expand! We are in need of another developer or two, who know their way around an app. Currently, we are talking with Teesside University and Middlesbrough college about this and seeing what options are available to us. Our aim is to get a graduate in within the next few weeks. If that happens, we will make sure to introduce them!


Our birthday next month

Finally, Greenlord Studios’ second birthday is next month, the 16th to be exact. In celebration, the three of us are having a small holiday. After that, though, we are intending to throw a party. We will make an event on Facebook once we’ve settled on something, but everyone will be invited! It will probably be something to take advantage of the nice weather, if that is still happening. Keep an eye out for a post about it on social media.


That’s it for this update, make sure to check back soon for more information on how our projects are going and what we are up to.

Thanks, Liam



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