What’s on at Greenlord: February

Bring on warmer weather, any day now

February at Greenlord Studios

It’s finally February! January did seem to drag on forever, and all the snow and coldness did not help. Bring on the sun, please. We’re still working away here at Greenlord, as we have a few projects on at the moment and a few hopefully starting soon. As it is February, we thought we’d give an update on what we’re doing and what to expect from us this month.


Website work

We have been working on a website since before Christmas for a client, who is gearing up for a product release date. The website should hopefully be done sometime within this month, as we are only waiting on some aesthetic and design feedback at the moment. When the site is finished, expect to see a lot from us on social media about it. We’re excited about the client and their product, so we will make some noise about it!


CSI app

Work is still proceeding on the CSI application, though the end is nearly in sight. Progress on this one has been delayed, due to the nature of the app. The app contains a large amount of very specialist information, and our client was the only source of that information. Unfortunately, our client’s are exceptionally busy people, often having to spend weeks away from the office for work. But we are nearly there on the project now, and are just ironing out some design issues and appearance tweaks. Expect to hear more about this soon!


Josh’s big return

Finally, a big bit of news is the return of Josh from his contract job in Bournemouth. Josh has been working with a company since the end of November, and at the end of this month he shall be returning back to Middlesbrough. We’re very excited to have him back, and i’m sure he has missed us too. Once Josh is back, there are a few projects and plans lined up for the next couple of months. When we have more details on that, we will be sure to tell everyone.


That’s it for this update, make sure to check back soon for more information on how our projects are going and what we are up to.


Thanks, Liam

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