What Does My Site Need: A Blog

We often get asked what features should a new website have, and there really is no answer to that. What works for a restaurant might not work for a florist. So to help people trying to get their first website created, we will be releasing a weekly article discussing the pros and cons of various website features. This week: blogs.

A blog is the place where you keep people in the loop. It is where you can post articles you’ve written, updates on what your business is doing, opinion pieces, or really whatever you want. So, does your site need a blog?

Blogs are a great way for you to keep people informed about what’s going on with your business, and anything you might be up to. If your business hosts or attends a lot of events, or often has deals and offers available, then a blog is a brilliant place to keep people aware of them. What’s more, if somebody visits your site for the first time and finds a history of your business making offers or hosting events, they may be inclined to visit more often so they can see when the next post is, so they can take advantage.

As well as this, a well written article or blog post may be shared around. People may like what you’ve said and share it with their friends, generating interest in your website and business from a wide range of people. If people are particularly interested in what you have to say, they may become much more interested in what else you have to offer, such as your products or services.


However, a blog is not without its risks or downsides. Whilst many businesses build their website with a blog and have every intention of updating it, many of them end up forgetting about their blog or neglecting it. This is a significant red flag to visitors. If your blog has no entries, it can make your business appear lazy or even thoughtless, and can really turn people away from your site. As well, if your blog is updated sporadically and with no real forethought, that can leave people questioning how professional you are and how your business conducts itself.

Another mistake that newer businesses sometimes make is writing blog posts simply for the sake of it, where the content is not related to their business. There is nothing wrong with personal blogs, but using the blog on your business website to post personal opinions or updates can feel inappropriate. As well, posting for the sake of posting can come across as rambling if you do not have a clear idea of the point you want to make, or what you want to be telling your visitors.

So, to conclude, a blog can be a brilliant way to keep visitors to your site in the loop and interested in your business if it is updated often and sensibly. If your website is mostly information based, like a restaurants page, then a blog can come across as unnecessary.

If you have any questions or thoughts on the topic discussed in this article, please leave a comment and I will try to reply as soon as I can!


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