What’s on at Greenlord: May

  May at Greenlord Studios It is May and it is glorious. We are fresh off a beautiful bank holiday weekend and are enjoying the sunshine. Apologies for not having an update last month, it was a very busy month for us and it slipped through the cracks. Here’s a run down of some of […]

What’s on at Greenlord: March

    March at Greenlord Studios March is here! This blog is going up a little late, as “The Beast from the East” had our offices shut down for the end of last week. But, we aren’t letting the weather get us down, as we are celebrating Josh’s return from working in Bournemouth. As well, […]

Ultra White Collar Boxing

This is a slightly unusual blog post, but one i’m very excited about all the same. I have signed up for “Ultra White Collar Boxing”! “Ultra White Collar Boxing” (or UWCB for short) is a charity organisation that raises money for Cancer Research UK.  They do this by organising charity fights, where the fighters are […]

What’s on at Greenlord: February

February at Greenlord Studios It’s finally February! January did seem to drag on forever, and all the snow and coldness did not help. Bring on the sun, please. We’re still working away here at Greenlord, as we have a few projects on at the moment and a few hopefully starting soon. As it is February, […]

What a year

2017 is coming to a close, and with it we are looking back on the year. It has been a great year for us here, one that has left us in a better position than we ever thought we could be in. This year, we have worked on over a dozen different projects with as […]

The Lloyd’s National Business Awards 2017

Last week, i was invited to attend the Lloyd’s National Business Awards. The National Business Awards are a very prestigious event, and I was honoured and thrilled to attend. I was invited alongside Josh Bamforth, from BigNasty Studios, and Kirsti Bushbi, from Segment Creative. The three of us were invited as guests of Teesside University, […]

The Great Move

A lot has happened with Greenlord Studios since our last blog post, most importantly, we’ve moved!  Yes, Greenlord Studios is now officially located in Boho 5, part of Middlesbrough’s Boho Zone. Though the Victoria Building has been good to us since we started, we thought it was time to move. We settled on Boho 5 as […]

Guest Post – 7 Things Cautious Customers Will Clock on Your Website

A guest post from Gareth Simpson. Gareth Simpson is an SEO expert with over a decade of experience working in the web industry. He hopes to share his knowledge to help other entrepreneurs and small businesses reach success. Visit his site at garethsimpson.co.uk No matter how good your website already is, there are probably elements […]

What Does My Site Need: A Contact Form

What Does My Site Need: A Contact Form

Contact forms are very common on websites now, as they are an incredibly simple way for people visiting the site to get in contact with the business owners. They are lightweight, simple additions to have on your website, but what benefits do they really bring? To start with, a contact form is one of the […]

What Does My Site Need: A Blog

What Does My Site Need: A Blog

We often get asked what features should a new website have, and there really is no answer to that. What works for a restaurant might not work for a florist. So to help people trying to get their first website created, we will be releasing a weekly article discussing the pros and cons of various […]